This Is My Hair

Project Overview

The project is set to highlight black people who have stories about their hair. These stories will be used to encourage and empower those who have gone through or currently going through similar situations. The topic of “black” hair has always been controversial but more recently more people have been embracing the differences that their hair brings.

The goal for this project is to tell the untold stories of 100 or more black men and women and their hair. This will be done by exploring how individuals feel about their hair, the good and bad experiences that has come with it, as well as any other relevant stories. To bring this project to life, I will travel across the US to photograph and interview each person in a studio setting as they tell me their stories. By doing this project I hope to achieve three main things. I hope to combat misconceptions and negative connotations often associated with people of color and our hair. I hope to create a community where black and brown people from all over the country can look to for peace of mind and motivation. Lastly, I hope that a greater sense of self worth is gained, not only for the people involved in the project but for each and every person that sees the project upon its completion.

The main demographic that will benefit from this project will of course be people of color. However, I believe anyone can benefit from this project. This is because hair itself is an undeniable component of the human experience. It sparks conversations in barber shops and salons, creates dialogues about racism and appropriation and ultimately, shapes our identity and personal styling.